Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 20, 2009

Almost a week since I returned from Virginia, and the three grandkids were due for dinner around six.
So while there was still no-one around in the afternoon, I went out for a row. The sea was quite calm, and I saw our local seal. But while I was out in the middle of the bay, I noticed that the crab boats were all headed for harbour as fast as they could go. And a great black cloud (and I mean black) was moving in from the south. I could see the curtain of rain over the peninsula, so I headed for shore. I had just got the boat onto the cable and started to wind it up, when the storm hit with tropical force. Lightning, thunder, the works. I was surprised, because this hardly ever happens where we live.

But I abandoned the boat half way up the ramp and took refuge in the house until it was over (around 6 pm, I mean 18h00) This reminded us of the spectacular thunderstorms we used to get in Ontario, and our friend across the peninsula told me they had a hailstorm as well. So perhaps climate change really is coming...Further up the Island, wherever rivers flow into the sea, they had major flooding, Lots of houses in Duncan and Comox were inundated, and roads closed. Tofino, on the west coast of the Island had 300 mm of rain - that's a foot - in two days,so the 25 mm of water we had in our garage seemed hardly worth mentioning.


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