Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On the topic...

This is a response to a three day run in the Globe and Mail (popular in Canada)... In Bryce's words;
 "It started last week with an editorial on Saturday Nov 14 - The Way Forward With Canada's Maple Crown, suggesting changes in the constitutional arrangements surrounding the Monarchy in Canada (new ways of electing, rather than having the Prime Minister appoint, the Governor General).  John Fraser, Master of Massey College, U of Toronto, was horrified that anything might change (Letter, Nov 16).  The Globe assumed that Canadians were either indifferent to the Monarchy (the majority) or, like Fraser, strongly supportive of it (a minority).  I wanted to point out that there is a third group, of which I am part.   I believe that the Monarchy in Canada will eventually wither away and become irrelevant, but I'd like to see it gone."

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