Wednesday, December 16, 2009

November 30, 2009

...sorry all, i seem to have forgotten to post these last two entries until now! -c

Today as every day, I scan the ocean for signs of life, not once but many times,

since the panoply changes every few minutes -
perhaps that makes it a palimpsest.
A bunch of ducks float slowly into view,
riding the incoming or outgoing side
(which moves sideways here as well as up and down).
I will say more about the ducks when I see that the full range
of expected species has arrived.
Today's highlight was not ducks, however,
but our full family of five river otters, frolicking offshore.
They live under a huge log on our beach,
and their appearances are sporadic and unpredictable,
and they aren't always together.
I suspect they are at least partly nocturnal,
but I saw them in the late afternoon,
and I wasn't sure whether they were hunting
for dinner or just out to play.
My new superzoom Canon helped me to get a usable picture of them.

Not too long ago one of them climbed the 50 stairs
from the beach to our lawn,
but scampered down again when
the twins spotted him, squealed with delight
and could not be restrained from charging out look at him.
The second picture shows him just leaving...

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