Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 8, 2010

At this time of year it rains here, on and off - perhaps more on than off.
There's no point in taking a picture on a rainy day
unless you are a really superb photographer (I'm not).
But I have found one way of expressing the situation -
when all the rain comes together in our stream, then
turns into the little waterfall that
cascades down our 13-metre cliff onto the beach.
This gives you some impression of what's going on all around.
But it isn't cold... about 6-10 degrees Celsius,
and it doesn't often freeze at night.
However, we miss the sun.


  1. Nice pic. Here it's also very cloudy this time of year, but little rain or snow (it is a semi-arid landscape). The only way to get sun in the winter is to to take a chair lift above the clouds. I also need the sun.

  2. Wow Bryce, that is a great picture. Makes me relaxed just thinking about it.