Tuesday, April 3, 2012


It is an amazing experience to be lying flat in the water, and then have two dolphins come up from behind you and push with their noses, one on the sole of each foot, until you are projected forward and raised high in the air before they dump you.  This happened recently in Mexico to my twin granddaughters (who weigh about 60 pounds each), and to me (I weigh in at 145 pounds).  Somehow or other, the dolphins were able to communicate to each other exactly how hard each of them had to push to achieve the desired effect.  They did this successfully to eight people of varying heights and weights while we all watched, and never made a mistake.  I have no idea how they can synchronize their efforts so precisely - clever beasts indeed - or how they could be trained to do that.

                                         The picture shows Skylar just after being 'released'

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